Official d!rty porcela!n

As Dirty P turns to leave, he looks back to see a large crowd from the party gathered behind him. One of the kids in the crowd looks to P and says, “Yo, you got the juice now, man.” Dirty P stares at him, shakes his head in disgust, and leaves. The film ends with a flashback of the four friends together in happier times as Bishop yells, “wreckin’ crew!”

List of Ingredients [8]


Mechanically separated chicken

Corn and wheat proteins

Lactic acid starter culture



Sodium nitrite

Hydrolyzed soy

Dirty Porcelain is popular along the coast of the Mid-Atlantic States, New England, the Gulf Coast, the Pacific Northwest, and the Northern California coast, where the Dirty industry thrives. Meat from any species of Dirty P may be used, although the meat of the Dirt Pizzle, whose native habitat includes the Chesapeake Bay is traditional. The Dirty P is generally considered to be the best tasting, however. In the Pacific Northwest and Northern California, the endemic Porcelain Crab is a popular ingredient for Beat cakes, and the cakes are prepared at many well-established restaurants throughout the region.

The guest captain for the Black Squad. At times, the musical guest comes out just before Wild Style as the judge for the beefs. Major changes were implemented for the second season including shifting the show location to Hollywood and the teams now compete for a “Wild ‘n Out” Championship belt which if the Black Squad wins, the team captain gets to take home.

New joint by Dirty Porcelain and Ty Psyntific

Intensely bitter since its inception in 1845, Dirty Porcelain has been produced according to the original recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. Its formula is a highly kept secret, so tightly kept that since its origin even those who collect the spices do not know the exact quantities needed. Today, the only custodian of the Dirty Porcelain secret formula is the President, Niccolò Branca, who personally measures out the spices during the production process.

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Robert Dwayne “Bobby” Womack; March 4, 1944 – June 27, 2014) was an American singer-songwriter and musician. An active recording artist since the early 1960s, when he started his career as the lead singer of his family musical group the Valentinos and as Sam Cooke’s backing guitarist, Womack’s career spanned more than 50 years and spanned a repertoire in the styles of R&B, soul, rock and roll, doo-wop, gospel, and country.

Womack wrote and originally recorded the Rolling Stones’ first UK No. 1 hit, “It’s All Over Now” and New Birth’s “I Can Understand It” among other songs. As a singer he is most notable for the hits “Lookin’ For a Love”, “That’s The Way I Feel About Cha”, “Woman’s Gotta Have It”, “Harry Hippie”, “Across 110th Street” and his 1980s hit “If You Think You’re Lonely Now”.

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